CHANGE LIST RevOS | 20.6.10

The following devices that we support will stop receiving updates on the following dates.
It comes from Xiaomi is foreign to us.
As of JUNE 20, 2020:
Mi 6, Mi 6X, Mi Note 3, Redmi Note 5 (will continue to receive the port)
As of SEPTEMBER 5, 2020:
Mi 8 (and the Pocophone F1 port), Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 SE (and the Mi Mix 3 5G port), Mi 8 Lite, Mi Max 3, Mi Mix 3, Mi Mix 2S
*This update will not reach Android 9 since we are performing optimization tasks in their repositories, Android 9 will surely receive update when Xiaomi closes its development*

20.6.5 - Mi 9, Mi 9T, Mi 9T Pro, Mi Note 10, Mi 9 Lite
20.6.4 - All other Devices

Changes from RevOS:
New - Updated base
Optimized - Rewritten Installer
New - Updated Graphic Drivers on devices: sdm660/sdm845 and sdm855
Fix - iOS theme in clear mode
Fix - Floating notifications that were too transparent
Fix - MIUI and Google restoration enabled on first install (as on old MIUI 11 ROMs)
Fix - Dark status bar icons when Dark Mode is enabled (Requires turning dark mode on and off once)
Fix - Custom PopUp camera sounds
Optimized - Updated Spanish language in various apps
Optimized -Removed all groups of beta testers and bought a 🦄unicorn🦄
New - Groups disabled in Contacts application
New - Enabled show log of blocked numbers in Contacts
New - Disable cleaner tips (notifications) from the cleaner
New - Location and Privacy Options in settings
New - Returned support for MI 8 Pro
New - Updater UI and improved Push Notifications
New - Updated System Apps
New - Updated the Initial Configurator of the device
New - New Xiaomi Account UI
New - New Harman QualComm sound engine

Changes from Xiaomi:
New - You can take a partial screenshot and set your gesture for this function (press and hold 3 fingers by default)
New - Added sound assistant for Snapdragon 845 based devices
New - LHDC v3 support (Mi 9 / Mi 9T Pro)
New - Added batch deletion of games via Game Turbo section
New - Added ability to hide desktop games and show them only in Game Turbo section
New - Added the ability to create screenshots of the screen area by holding three fingers on the screen
New - Now on the desktop you can process animations in third-party applications
New - Updated security patch [06-2020] to improve system security
New - Supports multiple satellite positioning systems [GPS, Beidou, GLONASS]
New - Support small window app and full screen app to change focus of input method
New - Supports navigation gestures to operate small window app and full screen app separately
Optimized - Anti-burn screen mechanism of gesture indication line
Optimized - Optimized the control center under the incoming call
Optimized - Optimized notification bar classification rules.
Fix - The content of the lock screen was occasionally shown in AoD mode
Fix - Unable to activate automatic AOD deactivation function when phone is in the dark for some time
Fix - USSD response dialogs were not showing (Android 10 devices)
Fix - The "Allow all the time" button was not available in the permission dialogs for most applications (except the app store)
Fix - Custom signature did not appear on the lock screen
Fix - The Quick Settings order was not correct in the old Quick Settings panel
Fix - Custom switches could not be used in the second space or when Ultra battery saver was activated
Fix - Swipe up gesture did not work in some apps
Fix - Fixed a bug that blocked the entire device in the side menu of the lock bar
Fix - The problem that the color of the status bar of the super wallpaper is abnormal in the dark mode
Fix - Fix the issue that the accessibility feature is not available in edit mode
Fix - Fix occasional lock when changing SIM cards
Fix - Fix abnormal fast change sequence in old control center
Fix - Fixed, when floating notification appears, bottom of page is blurred
Fix - Fixed, a blank bar at the top of the notification bar
Fix - Fix the issue that the occasional fingerprint cannot be used under the screen
Fix - Fix the problem that the lock screen content is displayed on the occasional screen interface

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